Friday, March 30, 2012

The Hunger Games Movie

Today, my school took a trip to see The Hunger Games movie.  I really enjoyed the movie and thought most of it followed the book very well.  I feel like there was a bit too much build up to the Games and not enough time spent at the actual Games.  Another change was the origin of the mockingjay pin.  In the novel, Madge gave it to Katniss, and in the movie, Madge did not even exist.  Katniss bought the pin from a vendor.  Overall, I thought the acting was well done, and movie captured the essence of the book.  It gave a feel for what life in the Capitol would be like.  It also showed how horrible it would be to have to live in the districts.  The reaping seemed terrible, and Effie Trinket's cheery voice seemed out of place, which is how it should seem.  I enjoyed this movie, so if you have read the Hunger Games but have not gone to the movie yet, you should go see it.


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