Sunday, May 6, 2012

Review: Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey

Cold Kiss 
After her boyfriend is killed in a car accident, high school student Wren Darby uses her hidden powers to bring him back from the dead, never imagining the consequences that will result from her decision.
My Review:
This book has been on my TBR list for a while, and, since I am in a book club with Amy Garvey, I decided to read it.  I really liked this book.  It had a unique story and, once I find myself immersed in the story, I couldn't put it down.  

I enjoyed reading about the characters.  Wren was interesting because she had these powers and had gotten herself into a huge mess by using them.  She was a good character, and I enjoyed watching her interact with the other characters.  Through some flashbacks, I was able to get glimpses of the Danny that Wren fell in love.  I liked that Danny more than the zombie version of Danny.  I also liked Wren's sister, Robin, and Wren's mom.  Wren's mom should not have kept so many secrets from her daughters, but she had reasons for doing so.  Robin seemed like a sweet sister, and she seemed to care about Wren.  Also, both of the sisters have bird names.  I really liked reading about Gabriel.  It was great to watch her fall for him, and to watch him help her sort out her problems.  I think the two of them make a great couple.
I also enjoyed the plot of the book.  It was a unique story.  Wren had raised her boyfriend from the dead, and he was a zombie.  It was interesting to read how she had total control of him and could put him to sleep.  She really used that to her advantage and began to put him to sleep often.  I found it interesting how Danny did not even realize that he was dead at first.  He did not even think about anything but Wren.  I believe that was part of the magic that happened when she raised him.
If you want to read a YA paranormal story with romance, pick up this book.

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