Friday, August 23, 2013

Books I'm Bringing With Me On Vacation

Usually, I just bring whatever books I currently have out from the library with me or have bought, but haven't read, with me on vacation.  This year, I decided I want my vacation books to all have a common theme: summer.  My one requirement for these books is that they must take place in the summer.  If they take place at the beach, that's even better.  I've found a few books that fit my criteria that I will be bringing.

Nantucket Blue
 I actually bought this book the week it came out, and it came out on May 7th.  So I've have it over three months, but I've been saving it to read on this vacation.  I will be starting this book in the car on the way there, because I am excited to read it and don't want to have to wait much longer.

All I Need 
I just checked this one out from the library the other day for vacation.  I'm not sure if this entire book actually takes place during the summer, but there is a beach on the cover.  It looks like a light and fun summer read.

The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy
I originally read this book either at the end of elementary school or beginning of middle school, but I have read the sequels more recently.  This book takes place during the summer, and I look forward to revisting Rosalind, Skye, Jane, and Batty.

Something Like Normal
I may be stretching the definition of a "summer read" with this book, but it does take place in the summer.  It's also a book that I've read three times, and I never tire of it.  I'm pretty sure I'll still love it once I read it a fourth time.  I love so many books, but this book may be my favorite book ever.

A Midsummer's Nightmare
Again, this book isn't exactly light summer fun, but it is a great book that takes place in the summer.  I would love to reread this book, and get to fall in love with this story and these characters all over again.


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