Friday, August 1, 2014

Review: Behind the Scenes by Dahlia Adler

Behind the Scenes (Daylight Falls, #1) High school senior Ally Duncan's best friend may be the Vanessa Park - star of TV's hottest new teen drama - but Ally's not interested in following in her BFF's Hollywood footsteps. In fact, the only thing Ally's ever really wanted is to go to Columbia and study abroad in Paris. But when her father's mounting medical bills threaten to stop her dream in its tracks, Ally nabs a position as Van's on-set assistant to get the cash she needs. 

Spending the extra time with Van turns out to be fun, and getting to know her sexy co-star Liam is an added bonus. But when the actors' publicist arranges for Van and Liam to "date" for the tabloids just after he and Ally share their first kiss, Ally will have to decide exactly what role she's capable of playing in their world of make believe. If she can't play by Hollywood's rules, she may lose her best friend, her dream future, and her first shot at love.

My Review:

I thought this book sounded good, and I'm glad I bought it and read it, because it was really awesome.  The romance, friendship, and Hollywood stuff was all great.  I'm really excited to read the companion novel Under the Lights, about Van and Josh.


I really enjoyed the romance in this book between Ally and Liam.  Liam was such a sweet guy, and I liked how he wanted to just date Ally normally, but the TV and movie star stuff made it difficult for him.  His feelings towards acting were complex, since it wasn't something that he really wanted to do in the first place.  Then the publicity stunt of having Van and Liam date happens.  This is difficult for Ally, and we know how difficult it is for her since we are in her head.  The book also shows us that it certainly isn't easy for Liam.  He doesn't want to go on dates with his fake girlfriend when he'd rather be with his real girlfriend.  And he can't take Ally on the public dates that he'd like to go on with her, at least not without wearing a disguise.  So, the road of their relationship isn't an easy one to travel, but it is still so adorable.

Ally's family is also important to the book, which I loved.  Her dad is going through treatments for his cancer, which has a rather grim prognosis.  Ally is dealing with the difficulties of seeing him in the hospital during his treatment, and knowing that it is likely that he won't survive many more months.  Her little sister even asks her what it will be like once he dies, which isn't a question that Ally knows how to answer.  Her dad's illness is what leads her to get a job as Vanessa's assistant, since she's not going to have enough to pay for college because of all the medical bills. 

The friendship between Vanessa and Ally is very genuine and well-written.  Just because Van is a celebrity now doesn't mean that she isn't still best friends with the girl who's been her best friend since they were kids.  She really cares about Ally and wants to help her out when she needs it.  She would be willing to just give Ally money to help pay for her college, but Ally won't accept that.  So instead, she hires Ally as her assistant and then recommends her to Liam as a French tutor.  Van and Ally do have some rough patches, but they know how to move on past them.

If you like YA contemporary, read this book.


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