Monday, September 1, 2014

September Releases I'm Most Excited For

September 8th:
No One Needs to Know by Amanda Grace - This sounds like a really interesting premise.  I look forward to reading it.

No One Needs to Know

September 9th:
Kiss of Broken Glass by Madeleine Kuderick - This sounds like an emotional and powerful read.
Rites of Passage by Joy Hensley - This sounds like a different premise from anything that I've ever read before.  It sounds really good.
Falling into Place by Amy Zhang - The narrative perspective of this book sounds fascinating, since it is told from the POV of the main character's imaginary friend.

Kiss of Broken GlassRites of PassageFalling into Place

September 16th:
Falls the Shadow by Stefanie Gaither - This sounds really interesting.  I've never read a book that's about cloning before, so I would like a book like this that explores the idea of cloning.
Echoes of Us by Kat Zhang - I look forward to reading the conclusion to The Hybrid Chronicles series.

Falls the ShadowEchoes of Us (The Hybrid Chronicles #3)

September 23rd:
Remember Me by Romily Bernard - I really liked Find Me when I read it, so I look forward to reading the sequel.

Remember Me (Find Me, #2)

September 30th:
Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley - I haven't read much historical fiction, but this sounds really good.  It is set in an interesting time period in US history - when we were starting to desegregate.  This sounds like  it deals with two important issues at the same time.

Lies We Tell Ourselves


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