Sunday, December 30, 2012

Best of 2012: Best Friends

This list is for the best best friends of a protagonist of a book published in 2012.  Some of these friendships may become more than a friendship later in the book.

Lucy from Second Chance Summer - Lucy and Taylor got into a big fight when they were twelve, and Lucy still holds a grudge against Taylor at the beginning of this book.  Eventually, she is able to get past what happened back then, and she becomes a great friend to Taylor.

Dani from Bittersweet - There are some problems between Dani and Hudson in this book, but that doesn't mean Dani isn't still a good best friend character.  She really does care about Hudson.

Kaylee from Never Eighteen - Kaylee is the best friend that Austin has had a crush on for a while.  She supports him by going on his trip with him.  Eventually, he learns that she may return his feelings too.

Harrison from A Midsummer's Nightmare - Harrison is Wesley's friend from the DUFF, and he becomes Whitley's best friend in A Midsummer's Nightmare.  He's a good guy who is there for her.  He also can give her advice on things like fashion.

Blake from Breaking Beautiful - Blake is Allie's friend in Breaking Beautiful, but it is pretty clear from the beginning that he has other feelings for her.  Despite these feelings, he can be a good friend to her as well.

Kirsten and Paige from What Happens Next - Though Kirsten and Paige get mad at Sid after she sneaks out of their room during the ski trip, they are still good friends.  They stay mad at her for a bit, but then they make up and are there for her again.

Cassie and Matt from Smashed - Both Cassie and Matt are there for Katie in Smashed.  Matt is only friends with Katie, and neither him nor Katie have feelings for each other.  He cares about her, though he sometimes gets mad at her.  Cassie is Katie's teammate and her other best friend.  She also wants to help Katie get through her problems.

Alejandra and Ming and Noah from Live Through This - These are Coley's friends in Live Through This.  Though she has plenty of problems with Alejandra, they make up by the end.  Noah's a good guy who can be funny as well.  Ming is also a good friend to Coley.  After the fight between Coley and Alejandra, Ming has been becoming Coley's best female friend.


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