Saturday, December 29, 2012

Best of 2012: Male Characters

Some of these male characters are the protagonists, and others are the love interests.  They are all great guy characters.

Travis from Something Like Normal - Travis is the protagonist of this book, and he is an amazing one.  He is dealing with PTSD after his best friend's death in war.  While he was in Afghanistan, his brother took both his car and his girlfriend.  Harper is able to help him get better, but in the end, he has to really help himself to get past what has happened to him.  He is a strong main character, and one I loved.

Victor from Cracked - Victor is a great character.  At the beginning of Cracked, he just wants to give up and end his life.  His parents don't love him, and Bull always bullies him at school.  His parents decide to go on vacation without him since his SAT scores on the reading and writing sections aren't so great.  When they are gone, his dog dies, so he takes a bunch of pills.  He wakes up in the psych ward.  While he is there, he is able to meet some new people, including a girl, and he summons his will to live.  When he leaves the psych ward, he is happier with his life.

Bull from Cracked - Bull has a rotten home life, but that doesn't mean he is excused for bullying Victor.  His grandpa is abusive, and both his grandpa and mom drink.  He takes out his anger at his abuse on Victor.  When he tries to kill his grandpa, he accidentally shoots his own leg and ends up in the psych ward.  While he's in there, he finds a father figure named Frank, and he finds love in a girl named Kell.

Jay from Burning Blue - Jay suffers from epilepsy, and he was homeschooled for a few years after having a seizure in front of the entire school.  In the book, he is back at school again for the first year since the seizure.  When he finds out about what happened to Nicole, he decides to find out who did it.  He meets her and the two become friends, and possibly more.

Henry from Second Chance Summer - Henry is a really sweet guy who Taylor dated when she was twelve.  Back then, she said some stuff about him that she didn't mean, and he became mad at her then.  Once he gets over the problems they've had in the past, he is able to start a new relationship with Taylor.

Jase from My Life Next Door - Jase is a great character.  He comes from a large family and has many younger siblings that he has to help take care of.  He's a really sweet guy, and there is a great romance between him and Sam in this.

Noah from Pushing the Limits - Noah doesn't have the greatest reputation, but he is actually a good guy.  He is a great older brother, and he is determined to get custody of his two little brothers.  Eventually, he realizes what is best for them.  When Echo gets assigned to tutoring him, he meets her.  The romance in the book is great.

Butter from Butter - Butter is a great main character.  He makes this plan that he isn't sure he wants to go through with.  He never expects the reactions that he gets.  When people become friends with him because of what he's going to do, he mistakes it for real friendship.  He is a great guy who just wants people to see beyond his appearance.



  1. Gulp. I need to read all of these books still except for Pushing the Limits. I also loved Noah. Great picks!

    1. Noah is a really great character. All of the books that these characters are from are great, so you should definitely check them out.