Friday, January 3, 2014

What I Read in 2013: A Numbers Story

For this post, I'm going to look at all the books I read this year and break them down by how many I read in different categories - genre, point of view, and series status.  I will start by counting how many rereads I had.  The books that were rereads will not be counted in the rest of the numbers.  After each category, I will give a brief analysis showing my thoughts on what the numbers of what I've read this year.

      Contemporary: 58 books
      Paranormal: 14 books
      Dystopian/Sci-fi: 19 books
      Historical: 3 books
      Fantasy: 2 books
      Mythology: 1 book
My Thoughts: These numbers clearly reflect that my favorite genre to read is contemporary.  I did read more dystopian this year, though, and I read some paranormal, but not nearly as much paranormal as I used to read before I got into contemporary.  I do not read very much fantasy at all.

Series Status
      Standalone: 48 books
      First in a series: 27 books
      Last in a series: 4 books
      Any other book in a series: 10 books
      Part of a series of companion novels: 6 books
      Novella: 2 books
My Thoughts: At first, it looks like the majority of what I read are standalones.  But when all the series categories are added together, I read 40 books this year that were part of a series.  That number is not that far from 48.  I read 27 books that were the first in a series, several of them being debuts, so I will be reading the second books in these series in 2014.  Other books in that category are parts of series that are already released, so I may have already read the next book, or I can read it whenever I want, without having to wait for it to come out.

Point of View
      First Person: 83 books
             One Female Narrator: 55 books
             One Male Narrator: 18 books
             Two Narrators: 12 books
             Three or More Narrators: 0 books
      Third Person: 13 books
My Thoughts: Most of what I read is written in 1st person, and I knew that even before I did this tally.  1st person is most of what I read, and when I write, that is how I write.  I tried to read more books with male narrators, but that number is still heavily outweighed by the number of books that were told from the POV of a female narrator.  While I will continue to read more male narrator books in 2014, I feel like I'm still going to read many more female narrator stories, simply because more of YA is written from the perspective of a female narrator.


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