Sunday, December 29, 2013

Best of 2013: Friendships

This list is about books that I read in 2013 that were published this year.  I'm going to name friendships that I liked in books, and I will give a brief explanation of why that friendship stood out to me.

Addie and Laila in Pivot Point - I loved these two best friends.  Their relationship was so well portrayed, and the dialogue between the two of them was great.  I loved getting to see their friendship in both of Addie's possible futures.

Carey and Pixie in If You Find Me - When Carey first starts school, Pixie becomes her friend.  They are similar in some ways because Carey's a grade ahead, and Pixie is several grades ahead.  So while Carey is younger than everyone else in her grade, Pixie is even younger than that.  That makes them really good friends to each other since they can understand each other.

Wren and Ever in Reboot - This is an interesting friendship because these two are both Reboots, so they don't really have human emotions.  But someone, they are still able to be good friends to each other.  I wasn't happy about what happened to Ever in the book, but I won't say it was.

Ryan Dean and Joey in Winger - These two guys become good friends in this book.  Both of them play rugby.  Joey also happens to be gay, but that isn't a big deal to Ryan Dean, which is good.

Parker and Finn in Insomnia - Finn is a good friend to Parker, and he notices when Parker starts acting strange.  He can tell that Parker is acting like a stalker, so he tries to help him by telling him to stop acting like that.

Anna and Elise in Dangerous Girls - This friendship isn't really one that I'd call a good one, especially when you find out what you find out in the book, but it was so well done that I put it on this list anyway.  Their friendship is sometimes almost too much for them to handle.  It is filled with some jealousy and intensity.

Ann and Raynee in 45 Pounds - Raynee was a great character, and I loved how she accepted Ann how she was.  Even though Raynee's other friends didn't like Ann, Raynee didn't let that keep her away from the friendship that wanted to have.  Raynee was the kind of friend that Ann needed.

Dane and Billy D. in Dead Ends - The friendship in this book seems like an unlikely one at first, one between a bully and a boy with Down Syndrome, but the friendship is developed really well.  Dane doesn't automatically feel like a friend of Billy D's, but by the end of the book, it is obvious that he cares about Billy D, and Billy D has managed to become Dane's friend.

Callie and Kat in Where the Stars Still Shine - Kat is a good friend to Callie as soon as Callie comes back to town.  Kat and Callie were best friends when they were little, and Kat expects that they will immediately be best friends.  I liked how it took some time for their friendship to work.  It was realistic, and I loved how Kat was there for Callie when Callie would need her.

Rose, Roza, etc. in Rose Under Fire - The friendships between all the girls in the concentration camp were both well-written and heartbreaking.  I loved the way they all began to depend on each other for strength.  They could count on each other to help hide them if they were on the death list.


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