Saturday, December 28, 2013

Best of 2013: Romance

This list is about books that I read in 2013 that were published this year.  I'm going to name romances that I liked in books, and I will give a brief explanation of why that romance stood out to me.

Addie and Trevor in Pivot Point - Trevor is a really sweet guy who starts out as Addie's friend when she moves to his town.  Watching their feelings develop for each other was adorable.  There was plenty of great dialogue between the two of them.

Lucky and Digory in The Culling - This is a romance that is a minor part of the story because Lucky and Digory are fighting for each other's lives, and for the lives of their other loved ones.  There isn't much time for romance during the Trials, but there are some sweet moments with these two.

Gray and Bree in Taken - While there is a love triangle in this book since Gray likes both Bree and Emma, I would prefer it if he ended up with Bree.  I think they are similar, and they are good for each other.  They are both impulsive, but maybe, if they are together, they would see themselves in each other.

Carey and Ryan in If You Find Me - This is a sweet friendship that becomes more.  The romance does not overtake the story since Carey is busy adjusting to her new life not in the woods.

Eleanor and Park in Eleanor & Park - This relationship is adorable, sweet, and develops slowly.  Eleanor and Park slowly fall for each other.  Park is what Eleanor needs to help her not think about her awful home life.

Wren and Callum in Reboot - Callum is a really adorable guy.  He is more human than all the other Reboots, and it is nice to see Wren change as she begins to develop feelings for him.

Ryan and Beth in Dare You To - This romance starts with Ryan and Beth really disliking it each other, so it is quite interesting to watch how their feelings change.  She starts as a bet for him, but he realizes that she is more than just a bet.  I love seeing how they begin to fall for each other.

Callie and Alex in Where the Stars Still Shine - This is a romance that moves pretty quickly at first, but it also develops well.  The relationship is good for Callie because it shows her that guys can actually treat her well.

Caymen and Xander in The Distance Between Us - This relationship is sweet and full of fun banter.  Caymen is often sarcastic, and Xander is able to say funny things back too.  I thought these two were adorable together.

Rachel and Isaiah in Crash Into You - I love their relationship.  They are good together, and good for each other.  It is obvious that Isaiah cares about Rachel.  She may be annoyed when he is protective of her, but I can tell that he is protective because he loves her.


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