Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Top Ten Bookish Resolutions for 2016

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

1.  Read at least 10 books by male authors.  Some people in 2016 are doing a challenge to read only books by women, but I am not interested in doing this, since I read mostly by women anyway.  I realized that I only read 4 books by males this year, and I'd like to improve this next year.  Since I tend to read about 100 books per year, I'd like to average about one male authored book for every 9 female authored books.

2.  Read at least 10 books by POC.  I realized that I definitely read a lot more books by white people than by POC, so I'd like to improve this by actively out these books in 2016.

3.  Read #OwnVoices books.  I want to read more books that are about a particular group and are written by an author who is part of that group.

4.  Read more backlist books.  I tend to neglect backlist books for new releases, and I'd like to balance this better by trying to read more backlist books.  This year I read 20 backlist, so next year, I'd probably like to increase so about 30 to 40 percent of my reading is backlist.  I have some books that have been on my Goodreads to-read shelf for a long time but haven't been read, so I'd like to change that, while still keeping up with new releases as well.

5.  Organize my books.  My books tend to be fairly disorganized, though I usually know how to find a book I want, so in 2016, I'd like to get these organized.

6.  Cull my book collection.  I want to go through my books and really think about whether or not I want to keep some of them.  If I'm sure I'm never going to look at a particular book again, then I'd like to start donating books, because I don't have the space for all the books that I have.

7.  Finish any books that I've bought but haven't read.  This isn't too many books, but I do have a few that I couldn't get into originally that I own, and I do still want to give them another chance.

8.  Read intersectional books.  I think I already do this a bit, but I want to continue to seek out books that have intersectional diversity.


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