Saturday, August 11, 2012

Review: I Know It's Over by CK Kelly Martin

I Know It's Over PURE. UNPLANNED. PERFECT. Those were Nick’s summer plans before Sasha stepped into the picture. With the collateral damage from his parents’ divorce still settling and Dani (his girl of the moment) up for nearly anything, complications are the last thing he needs. All that changes, though, when Nick runs into Sasha at the beach in July. Suddenly he’s neck-deep in a relationship and surprised to find he doesn’t mind in the least. But Nick’s world shifts again when Sasha breaks up with him. Then, weeks later, while Nick’s still reeling from the breakup, she turns up at his doorstep and tells him she’s pregnant. Nick finds himself struggling once more to understand the girl he can’t stop caring for, the girl who insists that it’s still over.

My Review:

I Know It's Over is a great story of family, friendship, and relationships.  The story is a good read that doesn't have a completely happy ending, but still gives the readers closure.


Nick is a great protagonist, and he seems like a realistic teenage boy.  The story is told in his first person male POV, so the reader gets to directly experience his emotions after Sasha tells him she is pregnant.  I think he's a good guy.  He makes some mistakes in his relationships with girls like Dani and Sasha, but the reader can tell that he really did fall for Sasha.  He struggles with her news because he's already trying to deal with attempting to get over her, and now he has to deal with having a pregnant ex-girlfriend as well.

The relationship between Nick and Sasha is well-done.  The book shows flashbacks of when their relationship was just beginning, and then it shows them after the break-up and the announcement of Sasha's pregnancy.  It is clear that Nick isn't over her, and I sometimes think that she isn't really over him either.  It seems like she still cares about him.  Though I don't agree with the decision she makes, I do like her as a character.

The relationships between Nick and his two best friends were also well-developed.  The three of them all used to be friends, but Keelor and Nathan have drifted apart when Nathan quit hockey.  Keelor and Nick still play hockey together, and Keelor is supporting of Nick.  Nick has suspected for a while that his friend Nathan might be gay, and Nathan comes out to Nick during the book.  Nathan's dad doesn't take his coming out too well, and Nick is supportive of Nathan while he deals with this.  Nick is good friends with both of these boys, even though they are no longer friends with each other.

If you like YA contemporary in the male POV, read this book.


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