Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

Someone Like You Halley has always followed in the wake of her best friend, Scarlett. But when Scarlett learns that her boyfriend has been killed in a motorcycle accident, and that she's carrying his baby, she's devastated. For the first time ever, Scarlett really needs Halley. Their friendship may bend under the weight, but it'll never break--because a true friendship is a promise you keep forever.

My Review:

I actually read Someone Like You last summer, and it immediately became one of my favorite books of all time.  I devoured the entire thing in a few hours.  I've reread some of my favorite scenes in this book countless times, and I am still love the story, the characters, and the writing.  I decided that I had to review this book since I love it so much.


I'm going to start by mentioning my favorite part of the book - the friendship between Halley and Scarlett.  Scarlett has always been the more outgoing of the two, and she was always able to support Halley.  When Halley finds out that Scarlett is pregnant, the dynamics of their friendship change.  Scarlett has to rely on Halley since she is the only one supporting the pregnancy.  The father of the baby has already died in a motorcycle accident.  Scarlett's mother doesn't want her to have the baby.  She wants Scarlett to have an abortion, but when Scarlett won't get the abortion, she decides that she wants Scarlett to give the baby up for adoption, though Scarlett wants to keep it.

Macon is a well-developed character that has many shades of gray to him.  He starts off as a charming guy who is a bit of a bad boy type.  He was Michael's best friend, and he slept over at Scarlett's house the night before the funeral.  Halley meets him then, and when school starts, she is in gym class with him.  They begin a relationship there.  Though Macon often cuts class and parties, he is very sweet to Halley at first.  As the book continues, he shows another side of himself.  He begins pressuring Halley to have sex, and he doesn't understand why she's unsure, even though he knows that Scarlett is pregnant.  During the book, Halley decides that Macon isn't what she thought he was, and she breaks up with him.

The family relationships in this book are also well-developed.  Marion is Scarlett's mother.  She had Scarlett when she was only eighteen, and she feels like Scarlett hasn't learned from her mother's mistakes.  She is not always very supportive, and she is not actually there during the delivery of the baby because she is on a date with her boyfriend.  Halley used to be very close to her mom, but they have begun to drift apart during Halley's junior year.  Her mom does not support Halley's relationship with Macon.  She doesn't like how Halley sneaks out to be with him and breaks curfew.  Her dad, Brian, is a good dad, even when he shares embarrassing stories about Halley on the radio.

If you like YA contemporary, read this book.




  1. This sounds like a great read Katie thanks for sharing one of your favorite reads!

  2. You're welcome. I hope you like it if you decide to read it. I love this book.

    1. I've just read this book for a school project and I totally agree with your review. This book is ultimately one of my favorite books that i have read. The whole mood of the book is amazing and the story line is shocking and funny. but particularly loooooove the ending.