Saturday, January 3, 2015

Some Statistics of What I Read This Year

I find the statistics of what I read each year very fascinating, so I put together a post on all of these statistics.

Point of View:
1st Person Female Narrator: 51 books
1st Person Male Narrator: 12 books
1st Person Two Narrators: 13 books
1st Person Three or More Narrators: 2 books
3rd Person: 6 books

Contemporary: 65 books
Paranormal: 5 books
Dystopian/Sci-fi: 11 books
Historical: 2 books
Fantasy: 1 book

Series Status:
Standalone: 57 books
1st in a series: 5 books
Last in a series: 8 books
Any other book in a series: 8 books
Companion novels: 4 books
Novellas: 2 books


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